We represent different and major institutions from primary schools to universities around the world that offer and deliver world standard education to students which provide an excellent opportunity to experience a new culture, make international connections and prepare for the global employment market.

Our Study & Work Abroad especially for the higher institutions is designed as a Dual Package for a student to study and work simultaneously. The income earns from such employment is used by the student as living expenses.

In some situations, it is the employer that pays the tuition fees of the student and the employer will still pay monthly or weekly salaries or stipends to the student. This means that the student will pay no tuition fee throughout the entire duration or tenure of the programme and still earns living incomes. This is more of a FREE EDUCATION OPPORTUNITY! Click or call us to learn more on this study and work abroad opportunity. In addition, we have some of our school partners that offer different categories of regular and periodic scholarships.